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"I have been receiving treatments from Nathalie for many years. As a massage therapist, Nathalie is thoroughly professional, with a warm and caring personality and a genuine concern for her patients' well-being. I would wholeheartedly recommend her."

Ruth Maxwell, Retired teacher

"In my experience, Nathalie Bennett never fails to correctly diagnose a physical problem, and never fails to treat it well and thoroughly. She's a star!"

Richard Ferraro, Architect

"My partner and I have been seeing Nathalie for a number of years now and she has helped us through serious back injury and post operative recovery. Her holistic approach works the whole body with a combination of massage and osteopathy and she always manages send us on our way feeling renewed and having got to the root of the problem. She is very knowledgable and always gives excellent advice for ongoing management of issues."

Sara Polley, Estate Agent

"I participate actively in outdoor sports, in particular mountain biking, skiing and distance walking.

To keep my frame supple and to enable me to enjoy my pastimes to the full, I visit Nathalie twice a month for a Total Body Maintenance Therapy that keeps me at the absolute peak of fitness."

Melvyn Smout

"Nathalie is fantastic and professional, always does a great job and makes you feel comfortable. I would highly recommend her."

Chloe Seaman, Nanny

"Nathalie has been helping me with general back health and maintenance for many years as well as recovery from various sports injuries and operations. Her knowledge of osteopathy, massage, and physiology is exceptional, and her care for her clients is always outstanding."

Eric, University Professor

"Each time I have an inkling of a problem or just need an MOT I see Natalie and her extraordinary knowledge and treatments have put me right.  I have recommended her many times."

Nicki Van Gelder, Director
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